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Re: Seeking Opinions: FT-847

At 02:22 PM 2/16/2003 -0600, Robin Midgett wrote:
>Greetings Operators,
>I'm considering selling my three monoband VHF+ rigs in order to purchase a 
>FT-847. I seek opinions on the 847 in general; how well does it perform on 
>the birds and as a terrestrial VHF/UHF rig for contesting? I would also 
>like to hear from ops who have used the 847 "in the field" for satellite 
>operations, demonstrations, field day, etc.
>For reference, the three monobanders are TS-60 (6m), TM-255 (2m) and Yaesu 
>FT-790R II.
>I have a TS-850 for the HF bands, so my primary interest in the 847 is for 
>the VHF+ bands. I will probably hang a transverter on either the 850 or 847 
>for 23cm activity.
>Robin Midgett KB4IDC
>VHF+ Glutton
>SVHFS Conference April 25-26, 2003
>Huntsville, AL


You will get varying opinions on the FT-847, but I have had mine since the
first year it came out.  I use it for terrestrial, satellite, and eme
operation.  I think it is esp. good for satellite since it has up and down
link vfo tracking.  I think it will stack well against you present rigs.  I
would use a 144/1268 converter or 144/1296 xvtr instead of going from 28
MHz.  For mode-L I am using the 15w DEM 144/1268 tx conv.  I was using a
45-element loop-yagi until it crashed last spring (totaled).  I hope to use
my 8-foot dish later for mode-LS.

Ed - AL7EB
PS:  you get a second HF rig, too!
I have the FT-817 mainly for traveling and 144 IF on microwave.

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