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On 16 Feb 2003 nsfr1206@yahoo.com wrote:

> Hi I am rather new at all this stuff anf am wondering what kind of an
> antenna I could get for UO-14. I can hear it sometimes weakly on my VX7R
> handitalky. What kind of an antenna do I need for this radio?

For my students, we bend an 18" by 32" piece of chicken wire (or hog
fencing) into a cylindrical parabola held by two 2' sticks.  Hold the HT
at the focal point and you get great reception.  About 10 dB gain.

This is fun for receiving, but impractical for transmitting.  It requires
no modifications to the HT...  The dimensions are easy.  The focal point
is 6" from the center of the wire and 1 foot from each side.

de WB4APR, Bob

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