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Reciprocal licenses


I am planning some backpack holiday travel, but I have
no detailed idea how exactly I will travel. 

I wantto visit several countries in the middle and
south american continent, and ofcourse I want to be
qrv via Ao40 with my small portable back-pack station,
but there is always the reciprocal license problems

Because I like to visit many countries I need an
enourmous number of reciprocal licenses and lots of
paper work before I even get them....
(I even dont mentioned the $$$ it all will cost)

To avoid these many problems I am looking to find some
way to be only qrv in just several interresting
countries or places. In all the other countries I will
only be for holiidays and keep my station silent. 

What I dont know is in what countries I can travel
with my station in my backpack without a reciprocal
license (but with my CEPT license with me).
Just as a tourist, but with a ham radio in my
back-pack with radio-silence.

Most of the borders I want to pass by land, so there
will be not many heavy airport checks :-)

Maybe some amateurs have more experience or advises
for me,

Many thanks, 
William PE1RAH

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