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AO-27 progress

AO-27 has been off-line for some time now, as it is now continuously
illuminated by the sun and thus its old eclipse-dependent scheduling
and power management algorithm stopped working.  

Here's latest update from http://www.AO27.org :

    Feb 14th, 2003 UTC

    We have new software running on the ground CPU and are checking out
    that the new scheduler is working. We hope to have the software
    uploaded to AO-27 next weekend. After the software is uploaded,
    there will be a period of on-orbit checkout before we can turn the
    satellite over to operational use.

    A special thanks goes out to our new control operator Chuck - W4XP
    for helping us get AO-27 back in shape.

Many thanks and best of luck to them!

				-- KD6PAG
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