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Re: PrimeStar dish question

Hi Jeff,

I have a Primestar dish like yours and it works great with a patch feed - 
I'm using G3RUH's.  My web site has a few pictures of how I installed it if 
you'd like to take a look:


Click on the satellite information buttons on the left side of the 
page.  Should you have any questions, happy to help.

73 from the banana belt of Alaska where there is NO snow on the ground!

Fritz Creek, Alaska

At 06:42 AM 2/14/2003, Jeff Griffin wrote:
>  I have an  original Primestar dish. The dish measures 39" x 36". Has anyone
>got one of these on AO-40? I've found/ heard that a patch is better with
>this dish, or since it's an  offset dish a helix feed would be better? I
>would like some info on patch feed, or helix  mounting distance. Also I've
>been trying to locate some plan's for a simple single band patch feed.
>Anyone  info on this dish  would be appreciated. Getting ready to be
>snowed-in in SNJ, and looking for project's....
>73 Jeff kb2m

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