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8J1RF info

8J1RF is a brand new amateur radio staion in Antarctica. 8J1RF is
setting at Japanes 4th Antarctica station "Dome Fuji Station". Dome
Fuji Station is located at 77.317S/39.703E (GL: KB92UQ), 3810m above
sea level.
At Dome Fuji Station, there is no blizzard but atmospheric temperature
is extremely low. It is about -40 degree centigrade now. The lowest
temperature is -80 degree centigrade. It is an extreme cold place!!

8J1RF operator is Obi, JA0WJN. He is a member of the 44th Japanese
Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE44). He stays Dome Fuji Station
from 2003 January to 2004 January with another 7 crews. He will back
to Japan at 2004 March.

He started AO-40 operation from 12th February. 1st AO-40 QSO was made
with DJ1KM.
8J1RF station system is
   RIG: FT-847, FT-897, FT-817
        2.4G converter(Maki Denki)
   ANT: 2.4G 1m dish, 435M 12 ele Qubical Quad, HF 4ele Tri Bander
The converter is rolled electric heat sheet and blanket, and put into
a tuckerbox near the antenna.
Rotator does not work at such a cold place. He must adjust antennas
direction by manual. He puts FT-817 to the converter and adjust the
direction hearing MB in the -40C world!! So he often stop operation
for a while.

He operates 8J1RF at his free time. His possible operation time is
weekday 0930-1000z, 1230-1300z, 1630z- and weekend. Locat time at
Dome Fuji Station is UTC+3.

This is not DX pedition. He will opeprate 8J1RF wherever possible at
his free time. You don't need so hurry. Pleas do not make pile up on

All the QSLs will issue after his return. Please wait until next year.
QSL route is only via bureau.

PS. 8J1RL at Syowa Station also has AO-40 equipment. I hope 8J1RL will
start AO-40 operation soon.


Masa   JN1GKZ     Tokyo Japan
   jn1gkz@qsl.net     http://www.ne.jp/asahi/m-arai/gkz/

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