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End of a Rover--The final straw

For the past 9 years I have been on the satellites handing out grid
squares-particularly rare ones-all over North America, Europe and
the Pacific. I did this because people seemed to enjoy getting new 
grids and I was able to help. 

Over the years working grids seems to have gone from something 
I would do because I wanted to and could find the time, to an 
obligation. Since I have plenty of obligations at work I am willing to
reduce the obligations from my hobbies.

Yesterday I received the communication quoted below and I saw the
light. I have a few cards left to send but from now on no more grids 
no more cards it just isn't worth it.

The author's name has been left off he knows who he is.

>I have just returned home after being gone for the last 3 1/2
>I really thought that I would find the cards you promised you would send, twice.
>But nothing.
>I see going back over my log that you owe me 12 grids from
>1998 and 1999.
>I have sent you my cards with a SASE.
>Also later on you said to send a list of the grid with dates and times. Did that. Nothing from you. 
>Any chance of ever receiving those cards?
>Only been 5 years.

Five years later I have no idea what he is talking about but what I do
know is I didn't sign up for this kind of stuff. So if you hear me and
want to say "Hi" great but it is unlikely I will even know what grid
I am in and even less likely I will do the card thing any more.

Sorry for the long rant but if you don't vent, you explode, ask any
steam engine.

		73 KK5YY rov. ret.

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