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Reminds me of a funny rover story... (RE: My AO-40 portableadventure in Nevada)

Years ago my friend Bogdan (a nationalized US citizen originally from
Poland) and I used to T hunt in the Antelope Valley in northern Los
Angeles county. Guess who lives there? The USAF Plant 42, you know the
place where they do all kinds of spooky aerospace stuff.  

We stopped on a section of Sierra Highway to take a bearing. Of course
we were totally consumed with what we were doing that it never dawned on
us that we were waving around antennas on the periphery of a 'sensitive'

Earned a visit from the base police, and while not the same level of
quizzing took place it sure was a good thing we had our licenses with us
and that we were helpful and cooperative.

Chris, KD6OUB

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 At 09:51 PM 2/13/2003 -0700, Scott Townley wrote:

>...of course is a military 
>installation, and here I am just outside of it with my antennas
>more-or-less towards the station.  I think my odds of arrest may have
>50-50, rapidly approaching 100% if I had given the trooper any stick.

>>>Interesting "rovering", huh!  In fact many VHF/microwave rovers have

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