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DirectTV dish question

About 2 weeks ago I asked about the distance a patch should
be from the surface of a DirectTV dish, and received several
answers. Thanks to all who took the time.

I used a 1/8" piece of aluminum bar and bent it to match the
angle of the original DSS downconverter. I have a TSI 3731
with the patch attached pointed at the dish, and got some
very encouraging results yesterday, even though the pass was
not one of the better ones.

The one thing that is puzzling is that I expected the
elevation offset of the dish to be about 22 degrees. That
is, with the rectangular support arm that holds the
downconverter, parallel to the ground, I expected that would
be a 22 degree elevation on the dish

Instead, it appears that the angle is quite a bit higher
than that -- more like 35 degrees. Is it something I
did/didn't do, or am I mistaken in thinking that 22 degrees
is the dish offset? Just wondering what others may have

I will say that the combination performed very well
yesterday, considering the AO-40 squint angles for the East
Cost were above 40 degrees. I'm encouraged.

Tim (K3TZ), that's a terrific design you've got there....

Art N3OY
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