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847 bi directional CAT baudrate

 I've been playing with Erich, DK1TB's SatPC32 control program for Yaesu's
847 and 736R  radio's. This program is the best s/w I've used with the 847
so far. Erich put some code in that I'm testing that will allow you to key
up the 847 and adjust the tx frequency to find yourself. Then you select a
Stor crr button under the CAT menu and it saves the u/l d/l pair to a
doppler file! This work's great on AO-40 as your d/l isn't very stable due
to temperature variation's causing the down converter to drift in frequency.
Now you find your d/l, save the offset's and your good for the entire pass.
Before the code change , you would find your u/l d/l pair and then edit the
doppler file with the changes. This is tedious to do for AO-40 as you would
have to do it every time you work the bird,  the temperature, or windchill
 Erich can get his 847 to work at 57600 baud. I've been having trouble
getting it to work at 9600 or 57600 with my 847. It work's consistently at
4800. I found a bad comport on my pc and replaced the card, as it didn't
read anything from the radio at first, but wrote to it just fine at 4800
baud. My thinking is that now I might have a bad MAX232CWE chip in the 847.
I have a replacement chip, but before I perform the surgery, I was curious
if anyone else has this problem. My 847 is an early one  serial # 8G051268.
I purchased it just after Yaesu fixed the bi-directional CAT problem.
Earlier model's had to go back to Yaesu to replace the CPU to allow reading
any info from the 847. Now I've never used the 847 with any s/w that would
actually read the radio, like logging s/w for example. I used the 847 for
Satellites only, using WiSP and Station. Both these program's don't read any
frequency, mode, etc information from the radio. All they do is write to it
via the comport.
 My question is , does anyone run bi-directional with more then a CAT
baudrate  of  4800 with an early 847?  Any info with an earlier 847 with
this s/w would be helpful. This isn't a show stopper, as it work's quite
well at 4800, but would be a lot more reactive at 57600.

73 Jeff kb2m

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