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Re: My AO-40 portable adventure in Nevada

At 09:51 PM 2/13/2003 -0700, Scott Townley wrote:

>Finally he tells me...he was actively dispatched to check me out.  It Turns 
>Out that (and I knew this and had forgotten) there is an active LORAN 
>station outside of Cal-Nev-Ari (NV).  This of course is a military 
>installation, and here I am just outside of it with my antennas pointing 
>more-or-less towards the station.  I think my odds of arrest may have been 
>50-50, rapidly approaching 100% if I had given the trooper any stick.

The LOC was DM25NI, Clark County, NV
>Station:  uplink Yaesu FT-100 20W to 9el vertically polarized yagi
>downlink: 38"x26" BBQ grill dish, AIDC3733 (fully converted) to Kenwood
>Antennas on 10' military mast/tripod

Interesting "rovering", huh!  In fact many VHF/microwave rovers have been
having these encounters of the "official-kind" since 9/11.  I have never
heard of the thoroughness of interogation, though.  LORAN?  You got to be
kidding...that is obsolete technology...haven't they heard of GPS?  My
understanding is the nation-wide LORAN Network is to be completely shutdown

No, it is more likely that it is the military site that was the trigger
(and some reactionary passerby with a cell phone calling the "calvary").  I
note you using military surplus equipment!  Uhuh!  If you were using 435
MHz uplink perhaps you were scanned at the base!

Well, it should not surprize folks that stopping in certain areas will
engender this kind of attention.  There is a two-mile stretch of two-lane
hwy near me that is posted both sides with "no stopping, no tresspassing"
signs.  If you do, a security officer will pull up in less than 1-2
minutes and arrest you.  Then you get to explain why you can't read!  The
hwy passes an oil refinery.  In our new high security world this is
(apparently) considered a sensitive area for terrorism!

Ed - AL7EB

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