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Re: HAARP Spectrograph

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

> What about AO-7 on 145.972?

Yes, thats my bet, because notice how the period is longer than PCsat's
100 minutes.  and AO7 has a period of 115 minutes...

> > > Quiz of the day: What sat was it?
> >
> > Well the two lower ones (145.825) were PCsat, and ISS was in view at the
> > other 3 times, but the frequency is wrong.  It looks like a downlink in
> > the upper end of the band. like 145.990.  I wonder if somehow the radio on
> > ISS is simply in "reverse" and so it is beaconing down on 145.990 and
> > listening on 145.800?
> >
> > Great resource!  Thanks!
> >
> > Bob

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