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Re: A question about 75 Ohm connectors

Hi all,
Since we're talking about phasing lines, I have a question:

I've ordered one of the cross-Yagi's from Arrow, and it's the type
with little offset between corresponding elements.
The way to feed this seems to be to have a 1/4wave phasing line
between the two driven elements.  If I'm correct, the easiestway to
do this is to have two mathcing elemnts set for 100 ohm, use a piece
of RG62 93 ohm cable to connect one element to a T on the other
element, which is fed by 50 ohm cable.  Since I have no analyser for
70cm, it looks as if I could put a 100 ohm resistor on the T, and
adjust the matching for 1:1 SWR.  I'd then do that to the other
matching element, and I'd have the right thing.

Have I got it right?

Excuse the spelling, my mail system is acting up.

73, doug

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