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strong signals on ao-40

Yes I know I should not take this one up again - but:

After looking at the extreme number of mails at amsat-bb over the last
week or
 so I get the feeling that a lot of you think there is a connection
between stations
with small downlink antennas and too large signals on the uplink.
That is not the general case.

If you have been active on AO-40 for some time, you probably know the
of the stations with very strong downlink signals - and perhaps have
of their downlink antennas. I for my part know of stations with large
antennas, who still have signals at the level of the beacon or at times

As pointed out in the report about signal levels during the QSO Party by
Lee -
we in Europe have stations that are able to activate the ALC on the S2
That really points out what the problem is. Some operators do not adhere
to decent
operating practice.

The reason for a lot of us to be on the 23 cm uplink is NOT the absence
LEILA on that uplink - but the well designed AGC on the 23 cm receivers
compared to the 70 cm receiver on AO-40.

I started with two 16 turn helixes as downlink antennas and found them to
have too little gain - upgraded to a BBQ dish which gave me an increase
signal strength - not arm chair copy, but good enough to make a lot of

73 OZ1MY/Ib

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