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AO-40 portable in DM25 Nevada tomorrow

Road Trip!
(Food King!)
anywho...will be "on the road" in DM25/Nevada tomorrow, 11-Feb-2003, with 
the AO-40 portable station starting at AOS which is approximately 
19Z.  Perfect timing to turn off the Rudak window!  Will be on for at least 
three hours...don't know if it's a rare grid or a rare state on satellite, 
but if nothing else stop by and say "hi"...gave the portable setup a dry 
run tonite; W6ZQ and KO4MA unofficially gave it their blessing :-)  Will be 
concentrating on EU early on of course, but will be operating at least 
three hours so there will be plenty of time for NA/SA too.

If it's important to you e-mail me for a specific sked (I just don't know 
if there's any demand for DM25/NV)

Ford F-150 (parked!)
38"x26" BBQ grill, AIDC3733 d/c, H-pol
9 el yagi, V-pol, Ptx=20W max
antennas on tripod, 10ft (3m) high
Kenwood TM-255A on downlink, Yaesu FT-100 on uplink

FWIW will also be on UO-14 on Wed. AM 12-Feb-2003 from either DM26 or DM25 
depending on how early I get up the next day.
Will be on FO-20/29 from most likely from DM34 (but could be boring ol' 
DM33) later that afternoon.

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