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Microwave Handbook -vs Microwave Experimenter's Manual : Summation

If anybody is interested, I got four replies to my query for reviews
of "The ARRL UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Manual" and the
"International Microwave Handbook".  Surprisingly, for this group,
there was some what of a consensus.

It seemed that it was felt that these two books complement more
than overlap, with the Experimenter's Manual being more on practical
information, where as the Microwave Handbook with more pages, delves
more into theory and math.

The interesting thing is that even those praising the
"International Microwave Handbook" thought there was obvious room
for improvement.  Evidently this has been harshly critiqued elsewhere,
so perhaps it will be revised.

For my current situation, I have ordered the Experimenter's Manual.
When I get back to a situation where $40US is not so dear, I will
look again at the Handbook.  Thank you to everyone who shared there

de N8NPA

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