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Re: AO-40 Update, 2003-02-10

on 2/10/03 6:48 AM, Mike73@aol.com at Mike73@aol.com wrote:

> First, we're not asking for people to stop using the satellite during the K
> window. We're asking that those operators who use AO-40 during the K window
> please try and use the lowest power you can if you're within 30 kHz +/- of
> the beacon. This frequency range is the passband for K. Better still, avoid
> this window completely! S has 250 kHz while K has just 50 kHz.

OK.  That's easy to do!  That's where I got confused.  It sounded like
Stacey was saying to avoid using the satellite all together.  But now
reading what he said with what you said, I think he was trying to say that S
band only users should avoid what would be the K passband during the "K"
window.  Got it.  Makes a lot of sense too.
> The K-Tx has hard agc limiting. Signal strength of an uplink has a direct
> relation to downlink power and it affects the whole K passband. If you uplink
> an extremely strong signal, you will use a good majority of the power
> available in the K transmitter thereby blocking other users.

I understand.

Thanks for the explanation, Mike.  It is much clearer now!

I hope people take heed.



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