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Re: help with it v1.5

At 10:52 AM -0600 2/9/03, nick pugh wrote:
>I had to reformat hard drive and load win 98 .  I set tz=cst6ccst and check
>my station elements.  It come up and with the z command the time is in pst
>and i think the sats are giving gmt aos.

First, check the suggestions in the InstantTrack FAQ:

The problem is probably either with WHERE you set TZ, or HOW you set TZ.

Make sure TZ is uppercase, and there are no spaces around the equals sign.

Make sure it's set someplace that works for how you're running 
InstantTrack. If you put it in AUTOEXEC.BAT there should be no 
problem. Otherwise under Windows it's easy to set an environment 
variable in one DOS session and run InstantTrack in another DOS 
session, which doesn't work. A batch file that sets TZ and then runs 
InstantTrack works.

73  -Paul
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