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RE: DSP Noise Reduction on Receive

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> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] DSP Noise Reduction on Receive
> I have both the ClearSpeech Base and the Timewave DSP-599zx.
> Both do a better job pulling SSB signals out of the noise
> than does the DSP built into my Kenwood TS-2000X.  On voice,
> I'd give the edge to the ClearSpeech but for data, including
> AO-40 telemetry, the winner hands-down is the DSP-599zx
> (successful decoding of data signals after ClearSpeech
> processing is very hit-n-miss whereas the DSP-599zx made it
> possible to copy AO-40 telemetry when noise had otherwise
> made doing so impossible).  Auto-notching of heterodynes is
> another plus for the DSP-599zx.

I have the DSP-599zx in use between both my IC-820 for satellite work, and
my IC-781 for H.F..  It has made copy of both the beacon and QSOs possible
when I otherwise would have shut it all down.  On H.F., it makes my 781
equal to a 756 pro in all bet the most demanding situations.  If you can get
one, it is worth it.

Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, TX.

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