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I will QRV from T88 on AO-40 this weekend

Hello All AO-40 guys. This is Yoshi.

  I was so much busy on my work whole in this January and there
was totally no time to check my mail.. There are more than 1,000
unread amsat-bb messages now!
  If you sent me something mail in this term, please wait for a
while Hi.

  Anyway, I will make my T88 trip on schedule this weekend and
will QRV on AO-40 & some LEO satellites from there. If you catch
my callsign "T88IY", please call me. All QSL via JF6BCC.
  The Locator of T8 is PJ77FI. I calculated the AO-40 chance with
the newest kesp, and the result is as below:

16th.Feb (SU)  0345 AOS
               0702 SQA=30 ZL~4x
               0901 SQA=20 JA~SV   **
               1140 SQA=10 VK~EU   **
               1235 LOS            **
               - - - - -
               2234 AOS
17th.Feb.(MO)  0041 SQA=30 W6~9M
               0208 SQA=20 W6~XU
               0448 SQA=10 KH6~VU
               0850 SQA=01 ZL~4X   **
               1208 SQA=10 JA~EU   **
               1413 SQA=10 HL~EU   **
               1424 LOS
18th.Feb.(TU)  0054 AOS            **
               0054 SQA=03 W,LU~T8 **
               0454 SQA=10 W6~XZ   **
               0759 SQA=20 KH6~AP
               0947 SQA=30 ZL~YI
               1229 LOS

  Maybe I will be at around MB +20KHz SSB or CW.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP

My Web Page <http://plaza16.mbn.or.jp/~palau/index-hame.html>
UO-14.net <http://www.uo14.net/>
QRZ.com <http://www.qrz.com/detail/JF6BCC>
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