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Hamcation in Orlando - A Great AMSAT Showing!

I'm new to satellites, and haven't even finished putting together my AO-40
down converter or antenna.  Never have worked a satellite.  Joined AMSAT
just over a year ago.

But, I heard AO-40 this weekend!

The crews that did all the hard work in setting up and staffing the AMSAT
booth and the demo trailer at the Orlando Hamcation deserve many kudos.  It
was a great show.  Receiving the AO-40 beacon at 4° above the horizon is
good stuff, but to make it happen from a temporary station outdoors and at
ground level (literally pointing the dish down the road) was impressive!  As
the satellite rose, the crowd grew as the gents at the controls worked some
tough ones through the QSB, making it look easy.

Vy FB!  What an incentive to get my station built.  Thanks!


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