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Re: DSP Noise Reduction on Receive

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From: "Jon Ogden" <na9d-2@speakeasy.net>

> While I have an FT-847, I am not using it in receive (using an FT-817
> instead for RX) so I cannot really compare the two DSPs.  Although I
> the Timewave is far superior.

This has been my impression as well. I never felt the DSP in my old '847
worked 'just right' and so hardly ever used it. It did reduce the background
noise when I did play with it but, hardly seemed worth the effort. Probably
I didn't take adequate time to learn to set it up correctly.

> I have ordered a ClearSpeech II base unit.  Hopefully it will be in this
> week.  I plan on adding that in the audio chain and I will report on how
> helps too.  From what I remember from playing with it at Dayton last year,
> it blows the Timewave's random noise reducer out of the water.

Now this I am really interested in. While there are a lot of good reviews on
eHam etc about the ClearSpeech, no one I know has tried one yet and been
able to compare it to units I am familiar with, such as the FT-847.

This could be a real contribution to the list if you go give us some
quantitative analysis on the '847 alone, with its own internal DSP and then
with just the ClearSpeech. While my 847 has found a more loving home I have
not installed the DSP into my IC-910H yet and, if the ClearSpeech proves to
live up to the claims made for it, I don't want to spend money without
getting the maximum return on it.

You won't mind missing a couple of days work to do this testing so I don't
have to wait, will you? 8-)

John Wilcox
871 Route 120
Rumford, ME  04276
PH: 207-364-2246
FX: 207-369-9747

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