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AO27 on tonight

Ya never know what's going to happen. I couldn't hear AO-40( I think it was
supposed to be on) earlier S-6 telemetry I was collecting said so. Darn BBQ
dish...So I turned on my WiSP FM bird tracking S/W  looking for UO-22, AO-27
was up, WiSP auto aquired and  I was greeted by N2UC and KE2TV? in QSO. I
asked Mike what was up and he said that AO27 will be on at different time,
night included. Now Mike said this isn't permenent, I would check the AO-27


But Mike told me it will be on next pass over the USA. That's  00:03z here.
I will be there. It would be nice to have another FM bird working. Thanks

73 Jeff kb2m

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