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Re: W2ETI Moon beacon 1296.000MHz

At 09:10 AM 2/8/2003 +0000, Darren Rainer wrote:
>Hi all, sorry if a bit off topic.
>Im thinking of getting an L band setup for AO40 but wondered if  could
>also receive the W2ETI beacon off the moon on 1296.000MHz. Has anyone
>tried this with a modest antenna. Looking here tonight the moon wil be a
>50 degress above my horizon and visible to the New Jersey beacon
>transmtter.Probably being a bit ambitious. I noticed they only use four
>15 turn helix antennas for receive and transmit.
>Darren G4VTQ


The SETI-League eme beacon is primarly designed as a calibration signal for
large radio telescopes, but it is felt that a very good 10-foot or larger
eme station should be able to detect it (using FFTDSP or similar program).
They are looking to increase the ERP soon.  The present 4-helix array is
rated at 24 dBi (I think) and power is 150w.  

When I get the 2.5m dish running, I was going to give it a try.  My helix
feed and wb5ago preamp are currently mounted, just no tracking
ability...also have to fix the LO in the 1296 xvtr.

Ed - AL7EB 
SETI-League vol coord for Alaska

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