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Re: XM Radio Antennas as Patch Feeds??

on 2/8/03 2:35 AM, Edward R. Cole at al7eb@ptialaska.net wrote:

> Most likely right-hand CP which makes it opposite what you want for an
> AO-40 feed (LHCP feed --> RHCP after reflection from the dish).

That's what I figured.

Is there any way to easily change the polarization sense on a patch?

>> The best thing is that these things cost about $50 and are in a waterproof
>> housing.
>> The question is what sort of bandwidth they have.  The Terk web page says
>> that the bandwidth is 12.5 MHz.  But that's what XM's bandwidth is.  I
>> wonder what the real capabilities are.  There may be some internal filtering
>> that will really limit it.  The polarization of the internal patch may be
>> wrong.  I don't know.
> Most likely is does not have a narrow filter which means the gain-bw may be
> 5% of Fo (120 MHz).

I guess the best is to just open one up!

>> Has anyone messed around with one of these and characterized it up to 2401?
>> It could be close but no cigar, or it could be an economical feed antenna.
>> I'm curious.
> Is it powered via the coax and what voltage?  Why not try it?

It is powered by the coax.  I forget the voltage, but that can easily be
found out.

I may just eventually do that.



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