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RE: W2ETI Moon beacon 1296.000MHz

Hi James, thanks for the reply. Yes I have a pair of linear 38 ele yagis
which I have cleaned up for 23cms, so hopefully might hear something. If
I do I will certainly have a go at setting up a small eme station. Main
problem is lack of space for anything but small 23cm eme. I am thinking
about building a amp for 23cm to give the legal limit in the UK
If I receive anything first. Equipment here FT847 + Microwave modules
1296 MHz Transverter with 2 x 38 ele F9FT Yagis.
At present no pre-amp but will give cable runs short and see what

 Your 60cm dish and patch feed still going strong here. Will get the
system up on the roof this summer as I can only work stations past 180
degrees due to obstructions.
Darren G4VTQ
www.darren.rainer.btinternet.co.uk/g4vtqs_antennas.htm (A040 Antennas

Dear Darren,

Beware the polarisation.  W2ETI uplinks RHCP, so the reflection off the
Moon is LHCP.  Clearly if you have a typical RHCP satellite station you
won't hear the echos.

I discussed this with the SETI people about a year ago, and there was an
idea floated to alternate RH and LH uplink on a schedule basis, but I
have no idea what the outcome was. Probably none.  See:


On the other hand, if you use a linearly polarised array, you lose 3 db,
but maybe you'll be lucky.

73 de James G3RUH

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