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SO50 Over Europe

Modified my IC821 to U.S. standard to get the 67Hz tone and been playing
with SO50 this morning.
I can hear myself out to 2600/2700km, disappearing into the noise as it goes
below the horizon. It does not appear to suffer from the UO14 periodic
fades, although at peak the received signal level is down on UO14.
The orbit which is somewhat different from UO14/AO27  also gives potential
UK - Israel/ Saudi contacts as well as UK- East Coast USA.
I'm very impressed with its performance and congratulate the guys who
designed and built it. I get the impression that the receiver works on a
whisper once you open the 67Hz gate and presumably the satellite is
stabilised? It begs the question, is it part of a large craft? I missed the
early discussions when it was launched.

Mike G3LGR

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