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cabling and other info :)

hi there all,

the time has come when i should start thinking about sorting out my
antenna's for my flat.

for people who remember, i had a problem with the local council not liking
the idea of "them weird ham people sticking pointy metal from our roof" :).

well sod them, if they want it down, it will. but untill then, im missing
the hobby :).

so, as im on the ground floor, and the antenna's will be on the roof (i
thought that was a good idea :), i need about 40-60 foot of coax, running 3

1 for 2m, 1 for 70 and one for the 2m if for ao-40.

so i was looking at westflex 103, but i thought that was a bit hard to move
about, and could crack if the cable became frozen. so what other choices are

just for info for people who can tell me what im likely to come out with
(power wise) at the end.

i would like 100w on both bands, 30w from my 736 into a pa. so any ideas on
what my erp is likely to be over that sort of distance of coax.

another point, is it worth getting one of these new, spun dishes from james
miller (sorry if i got you're name incorrect :) or will my 60-70 ish cm
ofset dish has the same performance?

thanks for any info :P

Speak to you Later.

Scott Elliott
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