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Great day on AO40

Howd Gang:

I have a serious question at the end of this note..please

My first day on AO40 was a great success!!  I worked XR6M
twice, GW3XYW, CT1BOY (twice), plus some stateside stations.

My set-up here is a 60CM dish with helix feed, 3731AA
downconverter, M2 30 element CP yagi for the uplink and an
IC-910 transceiver.  The antennas are on a tripod mount about
6 feet above the ground.

I did notice that while listening for stations around 1930L
(0030UTC) I lost the bird.   Nada, zilch....the bird just
dropped of the air and I couldn't hear any stations or the MB.

Was the bird supposed to shut down during that time frame or
did something happen to my equipment set-up???

Nova predicted a couple of hours more of operation with good
squint angles.

Any ideas????

                                        73, Joe W2KJ
                                        New AO40 op....I hope.

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