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PCsat is still working just fine in the afternoons and early evening.

AND in about a week she will be entering a two week period of full sun and
therefore full operations at any time it is in view, so if you plan any
special travels or events, PCsat should work fine for you.

And since We put it up there for fun, and we have no real pressing need to
run the GPS, we may even allow some BBS activity.  PCSAT has two fully
functional BBS's (just like ISS), but since they are so much less
efficient than UI digipeating, they were never part of the PCSAT mission
and we never planned on using them.  But if someone has a special event or
experiment they would like to try, let us know.

PCSAT has amazed us, because with the loss of 16% of its solar arrays on
launch, it runs into a negative power budget most of the time, and so it
has been deep-cycling its NICD's to near zero volts every orbit, 14 times
a day, for over 5000 cycles.  yet when it is in the sun, it is alive.
This will cease as soon as one of the cells shorts or reverses, so use her
while you can, she wont last long...  (knock on wood)....

Ill post more when she is able to hold charge through a full orbit an
announce our plans then.  Again, please follow operations guidance posted
on the web page (below)...


PCSAT:  http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/pcsat.html

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