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Re: Elevation-dependent Interference

 "Greg D." writes:

> As Richard suggests, there is an azimuth component to the
> effect.

> in that maximum direction.  Mostly what's out there are some
> trees, and maybe a squirrel nest or two.

And the occasional rusty bucket, pile of campers trash, etc

> How far away do you think this non-linear element is?  Are we
> talking somewhere on my house, or could it be across the creek
> in the neighbors' yard, or farther?  Anybody have any experience?

I, too, have no experience here - but my gut feeling says less than a hundred
yards (or metres). (Provided its not covered in snow) why not get 
environmentally friendly; tell some kids you'll give them ten cents (or 
whatever is the going rate) for every item of metallic rubbish they find in 
that direction/area. (Get the neighbours to sponsor other directions.)

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188
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