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The Truth About Amateur Satellites

The truth is that to get anywhere on anything you have to persevere.
I use the fm birds, also FO20/29.
On AO40 I use a 60cm dish with offset feed and either the AMSAT UK
downconvertor built from a kit, or the SSB UEK3000. They all work and better
than my first attempts using a helix. - that worked as well.

My stuff has to be portable and go on the roof when I'm operating, and come
off when I'm not. The transmitting antenna is an 11 element yagi, vertically
polarised to minimise interference with the low signal level for the tv sets
in my area. In certain directions I have 100ft, 300 year old trees that I
cannot go through.
Still, with a bit of ingenuity I can get to Australia/Japan in one direction
and All of the U.S. and maybe Hawaii in the other.
Most of us have limitations of one sort or another, planning permissions,
location, trees etc, but the Spirit of Amateur Radio is to overcome these
pinpricks and I am very disappointed at the current ratio of negative to
positive comment at the moment on the bulletin board. I use all bands and
you don't hear this on HF.
Let's do the best with what we've got. this is the way that in the past
we've discovered new techniques and moved the game forward ( a typical
example is the use of. DSP giving 5 - 10 dB effective gain by reducing the
background  noise levels).

See you AO40,
Mike G3LGR

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