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AW: saphir-m AO49 not heard???

Dear Robert,
> Hi All
> I have not heard AO49 since Saturday 1st Feb ,is it still operational?
you are right. At the moment, AO-49 can't be used.

I have placed on the SAFIR-M homepage http://amend.gmxhome.de
under "Aktuelles" the following note:

No transmissions detected since 1st of February 2003!
Due to its orbit, SAFIR-M will be until 13th of february in a
phase without eclipses. At 30th of January 2003, a continuous
on/off-switching with lots of INFO messages but no DATA messages
have been recorded.
Since 1th of February, no transmissions could be detected until now.

It seems that the solar panel orientation is not pointing towards
the sun but this will last only for some days.
We are now waiting every day for a detectable signal from SAFIR-M
and this will be announced on the a.m. site.

We don't expect a grave system failure...

Any reports are welcome.

73 de Oliver DG6BCE

Mailto:                DG6BCE@aatis.de
AATiS-Homepage:        http://www.aatis.de
SAFIR-M Homepage:      http://amend.gmxhome.de
SAFIR-M Operational:   http://hft.fh-pforzheim.de/AO49
Mineo Wakita / JE9PEL: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/hamradio/je9pel/safir-m2.htm


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