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scale model of Ao40 orbit


For my portable satellite station I am working on a "none computer" 
satellite tracking model for Ao40. Its like the OSCARLATOR but then a 3D 
model, what can be used to determine where the satellite is. This for qth's 
all over the world (not like ONLY the northern hemosphere with the 
OSCARLATOR maps I now have) :-)

What I need is a scale model of the Ao40 orbit with on it marked the time 
and MA numbers at the actual places of the orbit.
I already have the scale model of the orbit, but I have difficulties to 
calculate the satelites position at several times.

Later, when the system will be in use, only the EQX need to be known like 
with the OSCARLATOR system. Maybe someone knows a system to determine the 
EQX position+time without PC ? I am thinking of a kind of mechanical tools, 
or graphics (x=time, y=position)...

Another option can be a internet program, that can be used from 
internet-cafees during traveling. Just go to some internet page and enter 
the time/date/satellite, and it will give a list of eqx's. Print it out and 
ready. I only don't know how to make such calculation program for use via 
internet. Maybe someone can tell me or help ??

73 de PE1RAH, William

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