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Re: Gene's Spreadsheet (was: AO-40 Lids)

on 2/5/03 8:08 PM, Frederick M. Spinner at fspinner@hotmail.com wrote:

> If you hear a station that is "strong" on your setup, they, by definition
> are running too much power.  I wish it wasn't true and the BBQ's would work
> really well, it'd make my Yaesu G5500 a lot happier...


According to the spreadsheet if I uplink about 10 Watts into my 40 elements
with about 2 dB coax loss, I have an effective EIRP of 346 W.  My signal
will show up on the bird at 13 dB below the beacon.  I will be about 8 dB
above the noise floor.  I have NO problem hearing myself and would consider
that "strong."  I could increase another 3 dB and still be at the proper

This assumes the 1.7 dB NF of the TSI d/c and a 24 dBi gain LP antenna.  It
also assumes the apogee of about 64,000 km and 0 squint.  Changing the
squint up to 10 degrees doesn't do much.

I think I have a very strong and audible signal at this point.  Yes, there's
plenty of "noise" there too.  That's why I want to ultimately do something
to improve from where I am at.  But I have zero problem copying myself at
this point.

Perhaps I am just used to working "weak" signal.  I do a lot of HF work in
contesting where I have to pull out stations below the noise floor in heavy
QRM.  Perhaps its because I got used to working weak satellite stations with

Anyhow, it's moot because some people will still say I am wrong!


Jon Ogden
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