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Re: BBQ Grill Blues

Barry, I appreciate your sense of humor...I even laughed out loud. But,
acknowledging that in most jokes there is a grain of truth, I'll address
these point by point. And I won't call you any names. If anyone is tired of
this discussion, use the delete key and move on.

> BBQ Grill Blues
> By: VA3BJD
> There it sits in all itís splendor
> Simply because, Iím not a big spender.

I have 150 dollars in a 3 ft dish, a TSI 3733 with mods, and a bbq dish.
What do you have in your setup?

> What will I do, what will I do
> James and Drew say I canít hear poo!

You can't hear as well as with a larger dish with the same converter. I
can't tell you how many people I've talked to from behind the booth at a
hamfest, or on email, or on a LEO who has said they have given up on AO-40
because it is so hard to hear. The common thread? All on BBQ dishes. A lot
of former or potential members move on to something else.

> In rides Jon on a white horse
> I hope he doesnít talk in Morse.
> Jon types and types with all his might
> Even against three he puts up a good fight.

If you think so...I sort of think he got his nose out of joint defending an
undefendable practice...being beacon level.

> So here I sit all bummed out in my shack
> The deaf BBQ Grill sits out back.

I did say they are fine as a starting point. My main thrust is that people
not hearing well leads to poor conditions for everyone, and we should all
strive to improve.

> Now the BB is quiet, the BB is calm
> Who will lob the next e-mail bomb?

If this isn't the forum to discuss this, there isn't one. If you don't like
it hit the delete key like I do with all the crap about metal vs nonmetal
crossbooms. There are even a few people I have killfiled.

> Oh look at the time AO 40 is in range
> The beacon is 10 over, hey Drew thatís strange.
> I lookout out back it canít be true
> I no longer have the BBQ Grill Blues.

Great. Use it and consider yourself an exception to the rule. But it doesn't
mean diddly if your noise floor is S-7. BUT we are doing ourselves a
disfavor when we tell people a non-optimum antenna is all they should bother

73, Drew, KO4MA

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