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BBQ Grill Blues

BBQ Grill Blues

There it sits in all itís splendor
Simply because, Iím not a big spender.
What will I do, what will I do
James and Drew say I canít hear poo!

In rides Jon on a white horse
I hope he doesnít talk in Morse.
Jon types and types with all his might
Even against three he puts up a good fight.

So here I sit all bummed out in my shack
The deaf BBQ Grill sits out back.
Now the BB is quiet, the BB is calm
Who will lob the next e-mail bomb?

Oh look at the time AO 40 is in range
The beacon is 10 over, hey Drew thatís strange.
I lookout out back it canít be true
I no longer have the BBQ Grill Blues.

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