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RE: Re: TS-2000X

And maybe somebody could put together a short (and I mean a page or two
with a few diagrams) document that points out what has been detailed as
the 'empirically optimal' up and downlink antenna paths. I would be
willing to translate a simple document into a PDF that I would be quite
happy to host on my server.

I know I could use it for planning the station I intend to build before
Field Day. I certainly don't want to be a 'lid' on my first try and
incur the wrath and venom I see in the last few dozen postings.

And perhaps somebody in the Los Angeles area would be willing to Elmer
somebody like me, and perhaps others? I know I am getting turned off to
the whole idea of working sats. The last thing I need is for a hobby to
become a contentious waste of time.

Gentlemen (and you know who you are), let's all keep a civil tongue in
our heads lest you risk driving off people like me: interested, somewhat
technically savvy and willing to try new things. Isn't that what the ARS
is all about?

Chris Spacone, KD6OUB

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Maybe we need to have an OO type program ...

Fred W0FMS

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