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Re: Re: Re: was TS-2000X, now AO-40 lids

A moderately good antenna and a great d/c = good performance SYSTEM
A very good antenna and a marginal d/c = good performance SYSTEM

I'm not sure what the arguement is about....still. (considering I didn't
mention money in my post) If someone wants to make a money arguement, go
ahead....but I've had it with this juvenile venting.

I was only responding to one comment about "throwing away BBQ's". That's

It is undeniable that many of the surplus d/c's are marginal. Put 'em on a
good enough antenna and the system works, but the d/c is just as bad as it
was before. I'm not anti-surplus d/c's....I was making a point that
recommending throwing away the BBQ is actually quite similar to saying get
rid of the "marginal" surplus d/c's. BOTH POSITIONS ARE FALSE.

People have such axes to grind, it's hardly worth bothering to read here
anymore, much less post. I made no comments about money, I was talking
performance, specifically that the BBQ should not necessarily be thrown
away. That's bull. It's just as much bull to say throw away the cheap d/c's
IF you have a good antenna. It's the system that counts, and if one bothers
to read what I actually wrote, that's what I said.

END OF THREAD for me. This stuff is just too tiresome.

...hasan, N0AN

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