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Re: AO-40 QSO Party Telemetry Data

>From: "Lee" <lee-fl@cfl.rr.com>
>I have put together a web page which has an analysis of U-Rx, L1-Rx >AGC 
>and S2-Tx ALC telemetry data gathered during the AO-40 QSO Party.


     Awesome compilation of the data.  The bottom line is maybe Satellite 
operators are not ready for any kind of contests (except ZRO).  That used to 
be the rule and it probably was a good one.

     Speaking of ZRO I think that would also solve/eliminate the "How well 
do you hear arguments".  I might even be able to temporarily get my 
neighbors to turn off the 5 devices I have so far identified as interfering 
with S-Band reception for something like that.


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