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InstantTune 1.10 and the IC-910H

Hello InstantTune users,

I loaded  Instant Tune 1.10 into InstantTrack 1.53.When I start the programs
using the included bat file and check status of the TSRs, I get RotoDrv,
OrbitDrv and RadioDrv all present and accounted for.  Pressing "R" from the
tracking screen turns on Orbit DRV (I use AO-40 exclusively).  I am
controlling an ICOM IC-910H in the sat mode with VHF in the primary VFO and
UHF in the sub VFO operating mode U/S.  It is important to keep it this way
since the 910 uses the sub VFO for transmit in the SAT mode.  Things go
normal for a while and doppler tracks fine . . . I notice that the "sub"
indicator turns on and off while the program runs.

Then all of a sudden, with no apparent reason, the sub and main VFO's will
swap . . . If I transmitted at that point the VHF frequency is in the Sub
VFO and  I would blow the DC.

Any idea what's going on and how I can prevent the swap.  The computer is a
486 Toshiba laptop running Win95, with the screen saver disabled and no
other programs running.(besides Windows)

The doppler tracking works great until the swap occurs.

73's Tracy K7KCS  k7kcs@arrl.net
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