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Re: was TS-2000X, now AO-40 lids

> > 
> >> The CW shouldn't pump the AGC like it does.  That's one of my >points in
> >> that
> >> I think the U band receive just doesn't perform as well as L >band.
> > 
> > The fact remains that it does pump the AGC, and the only resaon they have to
> > be so loud is that they cannot hear themselves, or the person they are working
> > can not hear.
the agc does not pump that bad... the U receiver seems to work fine for everyone else except
when a lot of U banders are nailing it...

> You simply are denying the facts here.  Why does the L band AGC not pump
> even though the L band operators tend to be much stronger?  Huh?  Look at
> the telemetry numbers.  The U band just doesn't perform as well and I'm not
> the only one with that opinion.  CW signals tend to be relatively strong in
> a very narrow bandwidth.  They should not pump a good AGC.  And if the
> AGC/Leila were working totally like they should, then the SSTV signals
> should get notched, and they typically don't.  To not acknowledge these
> facts is to hide one's head in the sand in righteous self indignation.

go back and read through  the archives... the L band agc was designed 
to not be so aggressive... for many reasons... look it up and you will know why...


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