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on 2/4/03 11:24 AM, kgschaffrath@beckman.com at kgschaffrath@beckman.com

> It could be that you dont know what you are NOT hearing.  If you cant hear the
> 'wooshing' of the noise floor your no doubt missing people on the bird. there
> are groups of people that regularly run roundtable so close to the noise floor
> that they are constantly being tuned up on and 'CQ'ed" over.

See, this I don't totally agree with.  If the recommended signal strength is
10 dB below the beacon and if you have a hot enough system you can run 25 dB
below, then it is your fault if you don't have a readable enough signal to
allow other people to hear it.  You may disagree with me, but if the 10 dB
number is the recommended place to run that allows people with reasonable
systems to hear, then running less than that is not allowing for those
people.  Otherwise the recommended number would be something much less.  If
you want to be so close to the noise floor because that's what makes you
feel good, that's fine.  But then don't blame those of us who are 10 to 15
dB below the beacon for running too much power.
>> I never said the satellite noise floor.  I am talking about my noise floor.
>> And if there are stations who are just above the satellite noise floor, then
>> they are running too little power, IMHO.  Oh yeah, we gotta  be Boy Scouts.
>> Don't be 10 dB below the beacon, be 20 or 40 dB below it.  That's the idea.
> Now you got it,  That is how its suppose to work,  this aint 27mhz dude there
> is only so much power to go around .  SO the less Tx power you use the more
> thats left over for the other guys.  Which BTW would be a lot more if it didnt
> take 2kw eirp to get into the bird.

2 kW EIRP?  Let's see, I run probably about 4 to 6 Watts average at the
antenna.  My beam has about 15.5 dB of gain.  That makes the EIRP, around
144 to 212 Watts.  Way below 2K.

With this power level at a good squint, I can hear myself plenty loud.
Above 10 Watts and I become Leila bait!  Of course, at higher squints, it
takes more power and I might be up to 20 W at that point.



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