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Re: Re: TS-2000X

on 2/4/03 10:12 AM, Reicher, James at JReicher@hrblock.com wrote:

> Your statement reminds me of the good ol' boys on 75 phone who run 2kw to
> talk to the guy across town.  They say they need the power to cut through
> the QRM, but what they're really doing is feeding their egos.  I'm a QRP'er
> and have been since I got my ticket.  I'm constantly running across the "59
> + 20, beautiful signal" report that suddenly turns to "what?  Too much QSB"
> when they find out I'm using an FT-817 to a dipole.

I love the high horses the QRP ops get on.  It's fine to operate QRP if you
like to, but the scorn shown to us that use amplifiers is ridiculous.
> As I stated before, good operating practice (and the regulations) say that
> one uses the minimum power necessary to maintain the contact.  The operating
> procedure on AO-40 says that the uplink ERP of the station should be such
> that the downlink signal is 8-10 dB weaker than the middle beacon.  What
> part of TOO MUCH POWER do you not understand?

Gee, now it's 8 to 10 dB weaker?  In your first post you stated 3 to 6 dB.

And I've never advocated running more than the necessary power.  My
statement was regarding a guy who has a great setup.  And it affects NO ONE
if there are 2 guys on the bird having a QSO and both are loud.  The only
time it gets to be an issue from a technical stand point is if the
transponder bandwidth is full of signals.  I agree, then it's an issue as
hogging transponder power is going to take away from others which is going
to cause them to turn up their power, etc. and it all breaks down.  No
doubt.  I don't dispute that.  I try to stay well below the beacon.  I just
love how people like to crucify and put the big ole scarlet letter on those
who may occasionally be louder or on those of us who use BBQ dishes.

The very fact that I have a BBQ dish automatically makes me a power
grabbing, deaf lid in the eyes of many.  Yet, it's quite the contrary.


Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)

Citizen of the People's Democratic Republik of Illinois

Life Member: ARRL, NRA
Member:  AMSAT, DXCC

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"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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