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Re: Re: TS-2000X

Well, that does sound silly.  You're correct although consider the antennas
they may have been using.  I run somewhere between 4 to 6 Watts into my 40
element KLM.  That produces somewhere between 150 to 200 W EIRP.

If the guy in California was running a small 3 element beam that was only
linearly polarized, then he may need to run more power.  Same thing for the
VK.  If they were really loud and near the beacon, then they must have been
using L band.  If I tried to run 50 W with my KLM antenna, Leila would crush

Yet, if they were on L-band and running 50 Watts to 100 feet of 9913 and a
small L-band yagi then perhaps his power at the antenna was correct.

The point is that you've made statements about the power these guys were
running and nothing else.  How loud were they?  Were they one of those
"booming" stations or were they just average....

The amount of power one runs is not directly connected to them being
excessive.  I have a friend who wants to try using an egg beater antenna on
the uplink for AO-40.  To use that, he'd need to run 150 Watts or so.  But
yet, he would be putting no more signal into the bird with that antenna than
me with 5 Watts and 40 elements.



on 2/4/03 10:56 AM, Scott Migaldi at smigaldi@hotmail.com wrote:

> It is not just the L banders. This past weekend I heard a California station
> talking to a VK and they seemed to be bragging over the power they had. The
> Cal. guy was using 50 watts on the 435 uplink and the VK was using 100watts.
> Come on guys fix your receving system if you need that much power to hear
> yourself.
> I worked the VK after he was done with California station and told him my
> uplink power was 8 watts. He did not get the hint. I guess all that RF has
> caused some plaque to build up on the get clue section of his brain.

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