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RE: What can we do for NASA?

At 12:39 PM 2/4/2003, John Wright wrote:
>Why not use a fixed high-definition camera, on the ISS, and do a 360 
>degree roll in the shuttle?  Maybe there are good reasons not to...

If the shuttle and the ISS were in the same orbit, one could of course do 
this.  In the most recent flight, the shuttle's orbit plane was very 
different than ISS, which essentially means that it would take a tremendous 
amount of energy to get there from here.  I haven't tried to calculate 
whether it was possible at all.  My guess is that it was not.

ISS orbit is inclined 51.66 degrees.
STS-107 orbit was inclined 39 degrees.

Back to the initial subject: "What can we do for NASA?"  I don't have a 
good answer, except that we can remain calm, and try to be logical and 

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