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RE: Interesting snippet from IEEE Spectrum re: interference

Scott asked

> Of importance, of course, is who "Hendricks" is.  Earlier in
> the article
> that is identified as Dewayne Hendricks, chair of the FCC spectrum
> management working group and a member of the commission's Office of
> Engineering Technology advisory council.

Dewayne is WA8DZP and is well known as an authority on various types of
wireless technology. He has tried to motivate amateur usage of microwave
frequencies for spread spectrum and digital communications.

A few of his contributions on these topics can be seen/heard at
or do a Google search for WA8DZP.

Dewayne's old web site was http://www.warpspeed.com/ but it seems to be
pretty stale with no entries in the past 3 years.

 While developing wireless infrastructure in Ulan Batar he was on the air as
JT1?? and told of his experiences at the TAPR DCC in Baltimore in 1997:

73, Tom

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