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Re: Re: was TS-2000X, now AO-40 lids

>I never said it was optimal and I plan on improving it.  But >yet, here is
>another person who thinks he knows what I hear.  It's amazing!  >Perhaps
>people think it's a dud because they expect it to sound like >their local
>repeater.  I cut my teeth in satellites on AO-10 a few years >ago where
>signals had a lot of fade and tended to be very weak.  I >routinely work DX
>on HF and pileups in contests where stations are below the >noise floor of
>rx.  I have no problem hearing anyone on AO-40.  Sheesh!  I >love  how
>tell me I can't hear.  I just love it.

You don't know what you are missing because you've never heard it. And you won't realize this fact until you throw that BBQ in the trash. I have used that setup, and lots of other guys have and either moved to something bigger, or gave up. I prefer they move to something bigger.


>I never said the satellite noise floor.  I am talking about my >noise
>And if there are stations who are just above the satellite >noise floor,
>they are running too little power, IMHO. 

No. They are obeying FCC law. Run the mininum power needed to maintain communications. 


>The CW shouldn't pump the AGC like it does.  That's one of my >points in
>I think the U band receive just doesn't perform as well as L >band.

The fact remains that it does pump the AGC, and the only resaon they have to be so loud is that they cannot hear themselves, or the person they are working can not hear.

>How are you measuring the +/- 3 dB?  By ear?  Pretty hard to do >or do you
>have test equipment.  And as for the don't hear Leila thing, I >find that
>hard to believe.  Most satellite rigs don't have super great >filtering.
>Besides Leila notches your signal so even if you don't hear the >tones, you
>should be able to hear that your downlink is not there.

It's easy to tell with a step attenuator and not much else. I can tell you haven't actually been on AO-40 much. Leila notches a fairly wide swath, bad enough that it can go off, notch your signal, and not even be heard on SSB. Happens all the time. Lots of AO-40 ops use audio filters, DSP like the 910, or even double downconvert to HF just to use these filters to get rid of noise. In addition, if you don't hear the siren, it can be hard to tell a notch from some idiot driving the AGC through the roof.

>Yet why am I even talking and discussing this.  I obviously >can't hear a
>damn thing on AO-40 according to all you experts and so I must >be one of
>these lids!  Cripe.  What a great way to encourage people to >use the bird.

You are the one saying that a mediocre receive system is fine, not me. If the shoe fits, wear it. I think we do a great disservice encouraging people to limp along barely able to hear the bird and messing it up for other folks because their receive system stinks. I cannot count the number of times lately on AO-40 that I've been in the middle of a QSO and had some deaf station start calling CQ right on top of me because he can't hear on his BBQ dish or helix. Or ask for multiple repeats when their own signal is near beacon level. As a starting point a BBQ dish works, but it should not be what we as a group acknowledge as adequate.

>I just love the self righteousness of this group!

Can't handle a little point-counterpoint?

73, Drew KO4MA

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