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Re: Re: was TS-2000X, now AO-40 lids

Listen Jon, just because you are having good luck with your BBQ dish doesn't mean that everyone else is. It also doesn't mean you can't make contacts off it. Maybe your conditions are better than others. Maybe you've got a hot converter, or a very accurate pointing system, a better feed, or just good ears. Bottom line is the guys running small dishes (there are exceptions) or helixes tend to be deaf. They then turn up the power to compensate. Then the AGC goes up on U. We all suffer then (all of us on U). 

Some L banders aggravate this by running beacon level signals, driving up the ALC sometimes, and just plain giving a bad example. 

We need to encourage better receive systems. Too many people still think a 15-20 dbi antenna is sufficent and experience says it is not.

Are we still in disagreement?

73, Drew

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