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Re: Alike 911 unheard warnings retired NASA engineeralert

on 2/4/03 8:23 AM, Daniel Schultz at n8fgv@usa.net wrote:

> The astronauts knew that what they were doing was dangerous and they did it
> anyway because they thought, as Gus Grissom did, that the conquest of space
> was worth the risk of life.

Hear! Hear!

That's an excellent statement and a very good post!

And new and exploratory endeavor involves risk and possible loss of life.
When you look at the dangerous nature of space travel and how harsh an
environment space is, it's amazing that in 40 years of space flight we have
lost fewer than 20 lives.  Every day there are probably 20 people killed in
auto accidents on our highways.

Nothing great is ever accomplished w/o risk or sacrifice.  That is for sure.
And I applaud the families of those who perished for saying we must press
on.  They all knew the risks.

Our society is so risk averse and so afraid of danger.  If our society
existed 600 years ago, Columbus would never have sailed, nor deGama, nor
Magellan, etc.

Finally, I think we do tend to honor the 7 lives lost above other lost lives
because they were aspiring to do something great and were on the cutting
edge.  There's something about those who push the envelope and we tend to
idolize them.  Should we value their lives more than those who died in the
copter crash in Afghanistan?  Perhaps we shouldn't as all are heroes. But we


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"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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